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Welcome to the Student Union website from Dr. Holbrook

Dear Students:

I hope you are as excited about the new student union/library/resource center as I am. I have the privilege of looking out of my office window and seeing the empty space that is coming alive with activity as construction starts. It will be a magnificent building, located in the heart of the campus, but it is so much more than a building.

It is an iconic symbol for Embry-Riddle – a symbol that the students and the resources that support them are the center of the campus. It says to the outside world that our university is creating an inclusive environment where students can relax, study, interact and find the support they need.

The new student union will make campus life more enjoyable, so you can focus on the things that matter – an academic career for the next few years and a clear path to the future.

It is also important to give credit where it is due. You, the students wanted this facility – for those of you who remain here until construction is completed and for the students who will come after you–and we thank you for that selflessness. This is characteristic generosity of students at many campuses, but I am willing to bet that no campus will have a student-centered structure as impressive as ours.

It is the student union, first and foremost, but it will also be a gathering site for everyone on campus and a welcoming space for our alumni and community. We will all watch with great anticipation as this beautiful “bird” starts to soar.

With best wishes,

Karen A. Holbrook
Interim President

Interim President Dr. Karen Holbrook and SGA President Dustin Gibson share in the excitement surrounding the limitless possibilities for the new student union.