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Investing in Vibrant Student Life

Investing in a vibrant student life is a key driver for student enrollments today. As Embry-Riddle competes for an increasingly high quality of students — both male and female — best-in-class academics are not enough.

When choosing a college or university, young men and women look outside the classroom for various components of a well-rounded student life: attractive residence halls, extracurricular activities, and fun and interesting things to do on the weekends — on campus.

Students who engage with the university and have balanced lives at Embry-Riddle achieve better grades and are less likely to drop out or transfer to other schools. They are also more likely to leave with positive feelings about their alma mater, reengaging as alumni and giving back to their university over their lifetimes.

A Student Union is at the heart of any engaging student life program. Embry-Riddle is currently in the process of planning the new multi-story student center that will help redefine the student experience at Embry-Riddle’s Daytona Beach Campus.

With investment to give our students the very best in student life opportunities, they will acquire skills and interact with others from diverse backgrounds, enabling them to develop a strong sense of responsibility and citizenship to become future leaders.

Why Invest in Student Life Facilities

  • Great facilities attract great students
  • Students are more engaged with on-campus activities
  • Students learn how to interact with other students from diverse backgrounds
  • Great student life creates a stronger connection to Embry-Riddle after graduation

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