Massive Crane Arrives

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Massive Crane Arrives

It takes a big piece of equipment to put in place the massive steel girders that will make up the skeleton of the new student union. Meet the Manitowoc 999 Series 3 crane being use by Barton Malow Construction Services. It boasts a 190 ft. long main boom and a 170 ft. long luffing jib. If the crane was stretched to its full height, it would be taller than a 35-story building. The crane weighs 219,000 pounds and has an 80,000 pound counterweight. It can lift 250 tons and has a 240 ft. load radius. It was transported to Embry-Riddle by 13 heavy flatbed trucks and it took three days to assemble and certify.

Because of the close proximity to DAB, Barton Malow had to gain FAA approval and has to notify the Airport each morning before it is used. The crane must be equipped with aircraft notification lights at the tip of the main boom that must stay on around the clock. It must have aircraft notification lights on the jib, which must remain operational while the crane is working. At the end of each workday, the jib must be lowered to the ground in an effort to minimize the disturbance to air traffic as the crane is within a few hundred feet of the airport runway.

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