31 May

Selection of Materials

May. 31, 2016|Architecture, Construction, Planning, Updates|0 Comments

The architects recently presented two glass samples to the Technical Review Committee. Glass is a prominent feature of the design

03 Mar

General Contractor Bid Analysis Underway

Mar. 3, 2016|Architecture, Construction, Planning, Updates|0 Comments

The bids from the general contractors for the vertical construction of the Union have been returned to the University. Bid

28 Jan

Milestone Reached–Project Out to Bid!

Jan. 28, 2016|Construction, Planning, Updates|0 Comments

As the site work progresses, the vertical construction portion of the project is out to bid with five reputable general

04 Jan

Construction Documents Delivered

Jan. 4, 2016|Architecture, Construction, Planning, Updates|0 Comments

An important milestone in the project has been reached! The design is now complete and construction documents have been delivered

08 Dec

Campus Master Plan Fly-Through Video

Dec. 8, 2015|Architecture, Planning, Updates|0 Comments

Take a look at this fly through video which prominently features the student union building. It also showcases the residence

07 Nov

Student Union Discussed at Chancellor’s Inaugural Town Hall

Nov. 7, 2015|Activities, Planning, Student Involvement, Updates|0 Comments

Daytona Beach Interim Chancellor Dr. Tim Brady held his first-ever Town Hall meeting for students Oct. 21 in the Henderson