14 Mar

Union Grows Visibly Each Day

Mar. 14, 2017|Architecture, Construction, Updates|0 Comments

Construction of the steel superstructure at the student union continues at a furious pace. Barton Malow steel workers have almost

03 Mar

Striking Steel Structure Emerges

Mar. 3, 2017|Architecture, Construction, Updates|0 Comments

One of the beautiful, massive, curved steel beams that make up the striking architectural design on the outside of the

12 Jan

Massive Crane Arrives

Jan. 12, 2017|Architecture, Construction, Updates|0 Comments

It takes a big piece of equipment to put in place the massive steel girders that will make up the

15 Dec

Going Vertical!

Dec. 15, 2016|Architecture, Construction, Updates|0 Comments

Steel beams to create the superstructure of the four-story student union began arriving on campus this week and the first

31 May

Selection of Materials

May. 31, 2016|Architecture, Construction, Planning, Updates|0 Comments

The architects recently presented two glass samples to the Technical Review Committee. Glass is a prominent feature of the design

22 Apr

Union Design Highlighted

Apr. 22, 2016|Architecture, Press|0 Comments

Inspired by the gracefulness of birds in flight, the design of the Union was recently featured in Architect Magazine. See